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Employees use our mobile app to add likes, dislikes, allergies, and preferences that go straight to our kitchens. Schedules, too!

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Our culinary team combines those preferences with supply chain data to decide what the best menu is for your group.

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We show up to your office with great food from restaurants you can't access anywhere else. You get all the credit.

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Minimize choice and maximize time.

Choices take time, and time is money. The average engineer wastes up to $20k of time per year just deciding what they want to eat. With Parkday, we understand each unique eater to offer just a handful of meals each day. Saving employees time, you headache, and your company dough.

Attract and retain top talent.
You have to feed people to keep them happy (and healthy), and they have to be happy (and healthy) to work for you. Compete with the Apples and Googles on more than just how few lawsuits you’re facing.
Julie, Spicy Vegetarian & Head of Design

Never place an order again.

We know your job is so much more than food. That’s why we handle everything from daily menus, to dietary preferences, procurement, reporting, and on-site service. We show up, you look great, and you can get back to doing what matters most.


Our technology is a birds-eye view into the data that matters most.

Understand employee preferences and allergens, local impact and carbon footprint. Track daily attendance, invite guests + more.

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Our technology curates daily, data-driven menus that match your unique company values, team member preferences, and workplace schedules.

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