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Tokyo Tonkotsu Ramen in New York City with Tonchin

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Ayurvedic Health Goals in 2024 with Inday's Basu Ratnam

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Leveling Up the Deli Sub in NYC's East Village with Cutlets

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“The employees are loving it... and now the CEO wants food everyday!“

––– Jamell Watson
Director of Workplace Experience

3x Happier

With Parkday's takeover of lunch, employees' excitement to come into the office accelerated up to threefold
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Parkday is like your private chef at the office. We handle everything from daily menus to dietary preferences, engagement, reporting, and on-site service. You can [truly] do nothing if you want.
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Optimize your food spend.


Decrease in annual food spend*

When you choose Parkday, you're able to leverage data that drives efficiency.


Saved each day*

With Parkday, it's <1 minute to checkout, then a seamless pickup at your workplace.


Food waste*

Employees schedule in advance so you only order for those in-attendance.
With meals from the most-beloved restaurants featured in The Infatuation, Eater, and The Michelin Guide

Make everyday eating personal.

Gather every DF, GF, NF, and "cilantro-tastes-like-soap" eater around the same table. Our software replaces everyday meal decisions with data-driven service.
“I used to pack my lunch even on days we got food at the office because of my restrictions. The Parkday app has given me so much time back and the options are amazing!”
Jennifer Burr – Employee, Field Trip Health

Access the best food around.

Parkday surfaces the most nourishing, vibrant food Monday through Friday from the top restaurants as decided by The Infatuation, Eater, and The Michelin Guide. Our partners are our #1 compliment from hungry employees.
“The quality and variety of our meals is what sets you apart... and the employees love the app!”
Larissa Kruesi – Office Manager, Skillsoft

8 in 10


employees come into the office based on days when Parkday is offered
* Based on survey data at Parkday clients

Turn the workday into a Parkday.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

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How much does it cost?
At Parkday, we build custom food programs for any budget, including daily meal stipends.

That being said, our most popular programs in NY & CA start at $20/meal, which is comprehensive of all costs including average meal price, service and delivery fees.

We offer tiered discounts for volume, frequency, contract and payment terms.
How do I sign up?
The best way to get things moving is to sign up here. Separately, you can always reach us at We typically respond within the hour.
Can I cancel at any time?
Yes, there are no commitments required to get started with Parkday. We make all reasonable efforts to be flexible with our policies when we can avoid food waste.
Is there a minimum?
15 meals/delivery is our usual minimum, but as always, we're flexible when we can be.
How can I learn more about the technology?
If you're interested in licensing our technology, or simply learning more about our approach, send an email to